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Phones; Cobalt; Kids

Gert Pederson

"Total scientific dictatorship: Game over. Case closed. Liberty gone. America vanished. People enslaved." 

Italians living below the level of absolute poverty almost tripled over the last decade.

Bloomberg reports that the absolute poor - those unable to purchase a basket of necessary goods and services - has reached 4.7 million last year, up from 1.7 million in 2006. 

That is 7.9 percent of the population, with many of them concentrated in the nation’s southern regions.

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017


"In April, two pastors who were foster care advocates were arrested for running a child sex ring in Ohio. 

"The pastors, who had influence on their county’s Child Service's Board of Trustees, were charged with 'recruiting, enticing and transporting people the men knew were under 18 to engage in sex acts for pay.'"

Child Sex Trafficking in the US is Exploding


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There is a belief that life is a learning process.

Everyone has their 'dark side', which needs to be put right.

Think of 'a loving and caring individual'.

This 'CARER' can be nurturing, supportive, sympathetic, loving and reliable.

But, if you know this person well, you may be aware that sometimes they still have lessons to learn in life.

Sometimes, they may be "bossy, critical, interfering, perfectionist and self righteous...

"And jealous and small-minded... and smug and arrogant, especially toward authority figures or institutions."

Meaning of the number 6.

Sometimes this CARER can be "annoyingly self-righteous and an intolerant..."

Sometimes they "suffer from anxiety and insecurity, even phobias." 

Sometimes they are self-centered and egotistical at heart.

Sometimes they get very angry "if those at the receiving end of their care do not show the attention that is craved."

Meaning of the number 6.

There is a belief that life is a learning process.

Numbers give us a clue.

Martin Rees is the top man at Trinity College, Cambridge.

Rees believes that six numbers shape our universe.

If these numbers were different, there would be no life.

"The measure of nuclear efficiency, ε for epsilon, has a value of 0.007. If it had a value of 0.006 there would be no other elements."

Rees, an atheist, believes that there are likely to be many universes and that it was just by chance that our universe had the right numbers.

A number of scientists believe in parallel universes.


Some scientists believe that it is Mind that creates universes.

These scientists believe that MIND creates MATTER.

8 Studies That Show How Consciousness Affects Reality.

So, Martin Rees's mind could produce a world where things are different.

What clues are provided by numbers?

"Numerology is based on the idea that each of us is a spiritual being, or a soul, who incarnates many times in order to further evolve toward higher states of awareness."

Some little kids can tell you about a previous life.

We are going to look at 'personal year numbers.'

To get your number, add up the numbers in your date of birth.

For example, if you were born on 01/ 02/ 1903, your personal year number is 1 + 2 + 19 + 3, which equals 25 which you reduce to 7 (by adding the 2 to the 5).

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

There is a belief that numbers can give us clues as to how we should lead our lives.

There is a belief that Numerology points to 'life' having a meaning and purpose.

Some people believe that each number has a unique energy.

Western numerology was invented by the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras.

Pythagoras discovered connections between music and numbers.

St. Augustine of Hippo (354–430) wrote that "Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth."

According to most Numerologists:

Everything can be expressed in numbers.

Numbers correspond to vibrations.

(Quantum Physics teaches that everything is vibrating energy.)

There is more than one numerology system.

The Chinese I Ching is widely practised in the Far East.

dailymail / Numerology Index

George Washington and Dick Cheney - Life Path Mumber - 1

We will concentrate on Western numerology.

What do the numbers mean?

You do have Free Will.

So, the number 1 means you can, if you choose, be:

A tolerant and patient leader who is pioneering, courageous, innovative, self-motivated and determined.

But, the number 1 also means you can, if you choose, be:

A leader who is Impatient, Intolerant, Controlling, Competitive and Aggressive.

Obama and Tony Blair - Life path Number - 2

If your Life Path Number is 2

You can choose to be a 'healer' who is intuitive, loving, supportive and understanding.

Or, you can choose to be moody, hypersensitive, insecure, jealous and indecisive.

Hilary Clinton - Life Path Number - 3

If your Life Path Number is 3

You can choose to be an 'entertainer' who is humorous, imaginative, creative, friendly and charismatic

Or, you can choose to be an 'entertainer' who has scattered thinking and who is attention-seeking, gossipy, melodramatic and too critical of people.

Bill Gates is Life Path 4

If your Life Path Number is 4

You can choose to be a high quality worker/manager/builder/planner/policeman who is hard-working, organised, responsible and focused.

Or, you can choose to be a worker/manager who is inflexible, intolerant, pessimistic, stubborn, and narrow-minded

Angelina Jolie - Life Path 5.

If your Life Path Number is 5

You can be an adventurer who is resourceful, multi-talented, adaptable, charismatic and a good communicator.

Or, you can be an adventurer who is unfocused, intolerant, addictive, melodramatic and changeable.

Michael Jackson and George W Bush - Life Path 6.

If your Life Path Number is 6

You can choose to have a career that involves being nurturing, supportive, sympathetic, loving and reliable.

Or you can choose to have a life that involves being bossy, critical, interfering, perfectionist and self righteous.

Lady Diana - Life Path 7

If your Life Path Number is 7

You can choose to be problem solver who is intuitive, intellectual, analytical and technically minded.

Or you can choose to be intolerant, secretive, cynical, pessimistic and suspicious.

Paul Newman - Life Path 8.

If your Life Path Number is 8

You can choose to have a valuable job creating career that involves being organised, self-motivated, driven, strong and hard-working.

Or you can choose to have a career that involves being domineering, intimidating, superficial, manipulative and wealth-conscious

Ricky Martin - Life path 9

If your Life Path Number is 9

You can have a career involving helping people by being sympathetic, generous, passionate, broad-minded and compassionate

Or, you can choose to have a life that involves being unforgiving, revengeful, defensive, melodramatic and aggressive.

Read more: dailymail.

"He's a 9 Life Path number so he means well in all he does since 9 is the justice-seeking humanitarian number. 9's are some of the most generous and caring people." Website for this image

On 9 11 (11 September 1973) the CIA put Augusto Pinochet into power in Chile.

On 9 11 (9 November 1989) the Berlin Wall came down, an event organised by the CIA and its communist counterparts.

On 9 11 (11 September 1990) President Bush gave his State of the Union Address about the New World Order

On 9 11 (11 September 2001) the Twin Towers came down, aided by the CIA and its friends.

911 days after 9/11/01 the Madrid Bombings took place (3 11 2004)

Is she a 9?

Numbers represent certain things:

1 unity creation independence

2 duality emergence

3 power, generative force

4 solidity

5 sensuality pleasure

6 perfection harmony balance

7 mysticism magic psychic

8 material success, justice

9 spiritual, mental achievement

The numbers 1122 and 33 are master numbers.

Chaldean Numerology.

Below we offer some more stuff about numbers:

"Thirteen is ... the ancient number of completion. Thirteen is considered to signify the end of a cycle, as evidenced by the fact that there are thirteen lunar months in the year and thirteen signs in the Celtic and Native American systems of astrology.

"While thirteen foretells new beginnings, it also signifies that outmoded systems must come to an end to make way for much needed transformations."

Numbers, Numerology, The Hermetic Universe


"The golden ratio is an irrational number, approximately 1.618, that possesses many interesting properties.

"Shapes defined by the golden ratio have long been considered aesthetically pleasing in Western cultures, reflecting nature's balance between symmetry and asymmetry and the ancient Pythagorean belief that reality is a numerical reality, except that numbers were not units as we define them today, but were expressions of ratios.

"The golden ratio is still used frequently in art and design. The golden ratio is also referred to as the golden mean, golden section, golden number or divine proportion."


The ancient Greeks knew of a rectangle whose sides are in the golden proportion (1 : 1.618 which is the same as 0.618 : 1).

Phillip S. Mitchell wrote:

The twelfth century Italian mathematician, Leonardo P. Fibonacci, observed a predictable sequence of all natural development as shown by a progression of numbers:

1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, ad infinitum.

[1 + 0 = 1] [1 + 1 = 2] [2 + 1 = 3] [3 + 2 = 5] [5 + 3 = 8] [8 + 5 = 13] etc.

The Fibonacci Sequence demonstrates the idea that each stage of natural growth or development refers to its prior state in order to take its next evolutionary step. (This is not unlike Piaget's principle of rapprochement in child psychology.) It also follows the Phi Ratio


Numerology is the study of numbers, and the way in which 'they reflect certain aptitudes and character tendencies.'


Michael Hayes, at New Dawn magazine, wrote about 'The Hermetic Universe'.

The Hermetic Universe.

Hayes has been puzzling about the meaning of life.

Hayes introduces the 'Hermetic Code'.

It's all about numbers and their relation to everything from music to religion.

Hayes refers to pi which is 22/7, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

"22/7 is ... an expression of three consecutive octaves of resonance. An octave ... comprises seven fundamental notes: Do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti. The eighth note, Do, a repeat of the first but with double the pitch frequency, is the first note of the second octave. Accordingly the eighth note of the second octave – again, Do – is the first note of the third. Taken together these three octaves contain twenty-two notes...


According to Hayes:

Three, the number of the Trinity, is the number of octaves encoded in pi.

Four is the number of base-notes (Dos) in three consecutive octaves.

Seven is the number of intervals between the notes of the major scale.

Eight is the number of individual notes in the major scale.

Twenty-two is the number of notes in three consecutive scales or octaves.

The three octaves incorporated in pi are each sub-divisible into three octaves apiece, giving an inner formula of nine octaves, or sixty-four notes.

So eight is the constant, and sixty-four, is the square of it.

Hayes calls 'this musical pattern of symmetry' the Hermetic Code, after the Greek god of wisdom, Hermes.

Hermetic Universe

Hayes believes the 'pi symmetry' is found in the Great Pyramid.

The number three is important throughout the universe: the three main constituents of atoms – protons, electrons and neutrons, the three primary colours of the spectrum of light....

And the number eight... eight particles to each octet

Hermetic Universe

Superstring theory 'describes all particles in the universe as infinitesimally small strings made of a kind of vibrational energy.'

Superstring theory - eleven different dimensions : three spacial, one temporal, and seven others of increasingly acute curvature...

'There are eight degrees of manifestation or modes of movement inherent within the string itself....'

"In the genetic code there are four kinds of fundamental chemical bases... It takes three of these bases to make what is known as a triplet-codon, an amino acid template, of which there are precisely sixty-four variations...

"Universal harmony is also reflected in the ever present number seven...

Hayes sees the Hermetic Code as a blueprint of the structure of the universe, DNA molecule, and life itself.

Hermetic Universe

In China the chapters of the I-Ching were numbered using a combination of eight three line symbols called trigrams.

Confucius talked of the Eight Steps of Learning.

The Vedas described the nature of reality as being supported by a system of proofs, of which there were considered to be eight fundamental types.

Buddha had the Eightfold Path.

Hermetic Universe

Hayes writes that "the Hermetic Code, the design plan for everything existing – particles, cosmic concentrations, living cells – is applicable literally everywhere, not only in the wider universe, but also, as we see from esoteric traditions going back over centuries and millennia, in the ephemeral realms of the collective human psyche.... Everyone, quite literally, is a miniature universe...

"If we assume, therefore, that the universe is itself an organism, a living entity, and that we are all copies of it, then this would imply that the more advanced products of an organic brain – ideas, theories, concepts – are also in their own way alive, they are metaphysical genes, as organic as the brain from which they originate.

Hermetic Universe

"The ancients of the remote past, in my view, seem somehow to have understood this, which is why they devised a musical mode of existence in the form of prescribed disciplines and rituals which enabled them to psychologically conform to the laws and forces controlling evolution.

"This is precisely why religion was first invented – to instil into the collective consciousness of humanity the necessity of harmonising one's inner faculties according to the principles of the Hermetic Code.

"The aim was quite straightforward, it was an attempt to complete the natural course of one's evolutionary and psychological development by living-out a harmonious existence and ultimately transcending on to a higher plane, a greater musical scale above.

"This greater scale, a wholly scientific concept describing a higher dimension of existence accessible to the trained mind, is the heaven expressed in all religions." Universe

Enneagram is a diagnostic tool for working out what you are really like.


1 Reformer

I do everything the right way.

2 Helper

I must help others.

3 Motivator

I need to succeed.

4 Romantic

I am unique.

5 Thinker

I need to understand the world.

6 Skeptic

I am affectionate and skeptical.

7 Enthusiast

I am happy and open to new things.

8 Leader

I must be strong.

9 Peacemaker

I am at peace.

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Her undercover film exposed anarchic classrooms.

The Powers-That-Be usually support the disruptive kids in the classroom.

In the UK, official data for 2017 shows that only 61% of 11-year-olds made the grade in reading, writing and maths national curriculum tests.

In 2016, 47% of pupils didn't meet expected standards


In Uganda, "eight out of every 10 primary school teachers who qualified last year can neither read nor solve basic primary-level mathematics questions..."

"The Uganda National Examinations Board (Uneb), which conducted the nationwide assessment, reported that tutors at Primary Teacher Colleges."

Government admits 80% of teachers can't read - Daily Monitor

Things are not much better in the USA?

The potentially most inspiring school teachers are not always inclined to enter teaching or stay in teaching.

One of the main complaints by teachers is that the problem of disturbed and disruptive children is not being adequately dealt with.

There is "no support for discipline problems."

The 5 Biggest Reasons Why Teachers Quit the Profession







Yesterday I met a taxi driver called Rob who told me about two experiences he had had regarding the deaths of relatives.

1. Rob's female cousin, Mary, was seriously ill in hospital, in Preston, in England.

During the night, Rob woke up and briefly saw a figure at the foot of his bed.

The figure looked like Mary.

Rob guessed that Mary had died and had come to visit him.

Very shortly afterwards, Rob was informed by phone that Mary had died.

2. Rob's father, unlike Rob himself, constantly used wooden toothpicks.

Rob's father died.

Rob then found a wooden toothpick in his pocket.

Rob disposed of the toothpick.

Soon afterwards, Rob found another toothpick in his pocket.

More toothpicks appeared as the days progressed.

Rob took this as a sign that his father was still around.

Rob told me that these experiences helped to make him more at ease with the world.

Recently I met a man called Bob who had had an out of body experience.

Bob, as a youth, was big and strong.

While at school, Bob encountered a Catholic priest who had been physically and sexually abusing a fellow pupil.

Bob beat the priest up.

The priest developed Alzheimer's disease.

Bob told the priest that he hoped he would die in agony.

Some time later Bob had a heart attack and was taken unconscious to a hospital.

While in the operating theatre, at 3am, Bob found himself looking down at his body.

He could also see his late father, who told him that he was going to be OK.

At 3am, Bob's mother, who was at home, had a vision of her late husband.

While unconscious and looking down at his body, Bob could see the pretty female doctor who was treating him.

After being healed, Bob encountered the pretty female doctor and he told her of his experience.

The female doctor said that other patients had had similar experiences.

Dr Rajiv Parti

Dr Rajiv Parti has written a book, Dying To Wake Up, about his out of body experience.


DR RAJIV PARTI owned a mansion and drove a Porsche.

He shouted at his son a lot.

He was often unsympathetic to his patients.

Then he went into hospital as a patient and had an out of body experience.

He writes: "one evening, just two weeks after my fifth operation, I suddenly felt faint."

In the operating theatre he felt hiself "zooming straight up, as if in a lift...

"I could see the ceiling approaching, its glossy surface slowly getting closer.

"Then I looked down and saw my own abdomen, now with several incisions...

"Eventually, though, I relaxed, watching in rapt amazement as the surgeons and nurses worked on my body...

"I was still in the operating theatre, but at the same time I could see my mother and sister sitting on a sofa in our family home, thousands of miles away in New Delhi...

"To my right, I heard screams of pain and anguish...

"I knew then that I was on the lip of hell...

"A voice spoke to me telepathically.

"'You have led a materialistic and selfish life,' it said.

"I knew that was true, and felt ashamed. Over the years, I'd lost empathy for my patients.

"Standing on the rim of hell, I remembered a woman who'd come to my clinic for treatment...

"'I'd love to talk to you,' I said, writing out a prescription for pain-killers and sleeping pills. 'But I have several patients waiting' ...

"I had trained myself to think only of myself...

"I thought of my possessions and how meaningless they were...

"There seemed no way out, but I prayed for one anyway...

"Almost at that instant, I did get my second chance - in the form of the last person I ever expected to see.

"It was my father.

"I recognised him immediately, though he looked at least 30 years younger than when he'd died.

"He took my hand in his and led me away from the edge of hell, as if I were still a little boy.

"Then, putting his arm around me, my father tried to comfort me - and it was the first time I could remember him touching me affectionately...

"I was still afraid that my father was going to beat me, just as he had so many times in my childhood...

"My father, my cruel and despotic father, was spiritually rescuing me from hell! I looked into his eyes, and my hard heart melted with love.

"No words came from his mouth, but for the first time I learned from him that his own father had abused him, just as he'd abused me.

"'Anger,' my father told me, 'isn’t usually about an event. It's passed on from father to son. If you know that, you can stop it; you can choose not to be angry.

"'Simple love is the most important thing in the universe.'"

Dr Rajiv and his father entered a tunnel.

"I recognised my grandfather, who gave me a look of sheer joy. 'Love is the most important thing there is,' he told me. Then both he and my father simply faded away...

"I found myself high above a green meadow, peppered with rose bushes. Just the sweet smell of the grass and roses made me almost delirious with pleasure...

"We travelled on to a higher plane...

"At the highest level, you are surrounded by a powerful energy that consists of pure love and intelligence - the underlying fabric of everything in the universe.

"Enlightenment comes ... when a person realises that love is everywhere and is the only thing that matters...."


After recovering, Dr Parti got rid of his expensive cars and sold his mansion.

He set up a new practice to heal people through meditation and other alternative methods.

His son now has a close relationship with the father he once feared.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.



Life After Death






The top Zionists are in bed with the top Islamists.

The UK government has refused to release a report into Saudi Arabia's funding of Islamist extremism in the UK.

Government refuses to release report .

Someone has to pay for the false flag attacks carried out by 'Islamists'.

The Powers-That-Be have always used fundamentalism as a tool to keep themselves in power.

But, the Powers-That-Be do not want us to know that they are the people who promote fundamentalist Christianity, fundamentalist Hinduism, fundamentalist Buddhism and fundamentalist Islam.


The American journalist Michael Vatikiotis, in his new book Blood and Silk: Power and Conflict in Modern Southeast Asia, points out that religious extremism is growing in Southeast Asia.


Southeast Asia has long been associated with "kindness to strangers, humour, inclusiveness and flexibility."

But, the Powers-That-Be want Southeast asia to be peopled by easy to control fundamentalists.

Hence we have Trump's friends financing the ISIS-linked Islamic Defenders Front in Indonesia.

Trump's Indonesian Allies In Bed With ISIS-Backed Militia / TRUMP, ISIS, RIZIEQ, PORN, SEXUAL ABUSE ...


Vatikiotis gives 3 reasons for the spread of fundamentalism in Southeast Asia:

1. Inequality.

2. Racism.

3. Outside forces.

However, Vatikiotis fails to mention that the CIA and its friends are the people who are trying to destabilise and control Southeast Asia.

The top Islamists in Indonesia are said to be a bunch of fakes controlled with the help of bribery and child abuse rings.






'Who's Who' of organised child sexual abuse, by Scallywag.

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'Lost Glasgow' has many photos of old Glasgow.


Above, we see Michael Jackson at the Glasgow King's Theatre - Lost Glasgow.

When we met a former Jacksons road manager, he said that Joe Jackson, Michael's father, was not necessarily his favourite person.

The American navy brought nuclear weapons of mass destruction to Faslane, near Glasgow.

Debbie Harry visiting Glasgow - Lost Glasgow

Glasgow, Garnethill - Lost Glasgow

Glasgow kids wanting to protect their play area - Lost Glasgow

Jaconelli Ices, Glasgow - Lost Glasgow.

'Glasgow godfather' Arthur Thompson reportedly was selling guns to the UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force).

He worked for MI5.

"MI5 then told him he could pretty much start the drugs trade in Glasgow."

(Donal MacIntyre - erutufonnofuture)

JIMMY SAVILE, THE KRAY TWINS and IAN BRADY have connections to Glasgow.


Glaswegians - Lost Glasgow

19th Century Glasgow.



Glasgow artist Joan Eardley painted children from the slums - Lost Glasgow

Glasgow artist Joan Eardley - Lost Glasgow

Glasgow artist Joan Eardley - Lost Glasgow

Glasgow artist Joan Eardley - Lost Glasgow

Glasgow artist Joan Eardley - Lost Glasgow


When we met Ralph Glasser, he mentioned his most famous book Growing Up in the Gorbals.

We decided to buy the book and found it to be stunningly good.

Ralph lived in the Gorbals, a Glasgow slum of the sort that can be found in Calcutta.

In the Gorbals many children suffered from rickets and went about barefoot.

Shared toilets in the Gorbals often overflowed. "Rats and mice moved about freely, seeming to share the accomodation with us grudgingly..."

At the age of eight, Ralph was in tears when he learnt that his little friend Charlie was leaving Glasgow and going off to live in Russia.

The Russia of 1927 was supposed to be some kind of Utopia.

Russia 1927

But Ralph was not a believer in Utopias.

Ralph's mother had died of cancer.

Gorbals by Bert Hardy. "The streets were slippery with refuse and often with drunken vomit. It was a place of grime and poverty"

Ralph went to the station to see Charlie off. 

Ralph did not accompany Charlie's family onto the platform as he could not afford the platform ticket.

"Ralph's eyes were so full of tears that he could see Charlie only dimly through them...

"Charlie pressed against the iron trellis gates, and stared and stared and poured tears on to the cold metal."

Russia in the 1920s

Ralph wrote to Charlie many times.

Months went by.

No letter came.

Ralph was not a believer in Utopias.

Gorbals by Bert Hardy.

Ralph Glasser, one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, has been compared to Zola and Gorky.

Ralph Glasser won a scholarship to Oxford and became a writer, an economist, a psychologist and an adviser to developing countries.

Ralph Glasser - Telegraph


Ralph Glasser's memoirs "tackle the Big Questions, from the meaning of life to the travails of love: rhetorical questions abound, as do capitalised references to Destiny and Providence."

Gorbals. "The Victorian building, in red sandstone blackened by smoke…was in decay. Splintered and broken floorboards sometimes gave way under your feet. Interior walls carried patches of stain from a long succession of burst pipes."

Ralph Glasser was born in 1916.

Gorbals by Bert Hardy

Ralph lived on the top floor of a three-storey tenement in Warwick Street.

"The lavatory on the landing, shared with several other families, frequently overflowed, and young Ralph shared a bed with his parents in an alcove off the kitchen.

"His mother died when he was six, his two older sisters decamped as soon as they could, and Ralph was left alone with his father, whose addiction to gambling made life still more perilous."


Ralph left school at 14 and went to work as a "soap boy" in a barber's shop, and then as a presser in a garment factory.

Ralph spent his evenings in the public library and at night school.

Gorbals by Bert Hardy

At the end of the 1930s Ralph won a scholarship to Oxford.

Ralph could not afford the train fare from Glasgow to Oxford.

So Ralph cycled the whole way, 400 miles.

Gorbals by Bert hardy

Philip Toynbee tried, without success, to enroll Ralph in the Communist Party.

Ralph wrote Growing up in the Gorbals (1986), Gorbals Boy at Oxford(1988), Gorbals Voices, Siren Songs (1990), The Far Side of Desire (1994) and Gorbals Legacy (2000).

Gorbals by Nick Hedges.

Ralph Glasser was the son of Russian Jewish immigrants.